A Whole New Year!

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Yes, I realize we’re a full two weeks into the new year, but hey, better late than never! Plus I came armed with artwork, so cut me some slack!

Where to start…Dead Reckoning is kicking ass! We’ve got two stellar versions of the cover, and Scottie is sending me crazy new art on almost a daily basis! When we get this graphic novel done people are gonna lose their minds! Check out the first version by Dynagirl cover artist and all around man of mystery, SPLASH!

HOT, right? SPLASH really nailed it I thought, capturing the sci fi feel, plus just nailing the various cover elements. The dude is a deft hand at this stuff, believe me.

Not to be outdone, the beautiful and talented Carly Spade turned in her version this week:

That’s just SICK! Check out how vastly different it is from version one, and yet how cool in its own right! I like the almost dirty feel it has to it, bringing back a feeling of the old spaghetti western flicks I used to watch as a kid. It still has the sci fi feel to it as well, which I think really brings it home.

And remember when I said Scottie has been sending me new art? hehe

Ouch. Now consider she’s holding a still beating heart in her left hand. How sexy is she now? :)

And what else? How about Dynagirl? Have you been keeping up with the series? We’re already digging into issue 4 at this point, we’ve got some crazy action going on, and we’re building a world every single week. Come check it out! The latest and greatest stuff coming off the amazing pencils of Harold Edge is…Jungle Dynagirl!

And I thought she scared me in her regular suit! That spear just terrifies me!

It’s funny really, because I just got off the phone after a deeply interesting conversation that will, if it bears fruit, completely alter things as we know them around here. To say changes are coming would be putting it very lightly folks, so hang in there and hold on tight, because Red Handed is about to do some things that will blow your minds!

Meantime, are you a fan of podcasts? If you aren’t, get out from under that rock you’re living under and start listening to this great stuff! Comic Related has an excellent array of podcasts which offer something for just about everyone. The one you REALLY want to listen to is Zone 4. Those guys are just crazy! I know them pretty well, and not only are they really good people, but they have some really interesting stuff on the show. right now there’s even a trivia contest going on where you can win some kick ass prizes! So yeah, get over there, subscribe, and start enjoying you some Zone 4!


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I’ve heard tell that change is good. I can at least agree that it CAN be good, but I’ve never been a big fan of change simply for the sake of change. I think if something works, you leave it the hell alone. If, however, you can effect change and make something that already works work better…then hell yeah.

And so we have. Monday saw the debut of Fallen Justice as a webcomic on Comic Related. You’ll have to head over there for the whys and the wherefores, but don’t think for a second that this in any way means we’re faltering in our belief or our brand. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Releasing Fallen Justice as a webcomic is all about getting the word out to as many people as possible. We’re looking to not only succeed in traditional distribution mediums but change the dynamic of up and coming distribution as well by putting Fallen Justice everywhere we possibly can. In the coming months you’re going to see the release of iPhone aps, Droid aps, iPad aps, and all sorts of other versions, all to bring Fallen Justice to every single person we can, no matter what platform they choose to view it on. This is just the first step.

The coolest part about the Comic Related webcomic version is we’re adding extensive annotations to every single page. We’re rocking behind the scenes production notes like you don’t see anywhere else, and it’s going to be a hell of a run, so check it out! We’re updating on Mondays and Wednesdays every week till the series is complete!

When you’re done getting your weekly Fallen Justice fix, head on over to Dynagirl for our regularly scheduled Tuesday and Thursday updates! That’s four straight days every single week of Red Handed Studios goodness! And don’t forget, you can get the entire Fallen Justice series right now in the Fallen Justice Collected Edition, directly from Red Handed Studios.


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We got word today that we’ve been nominated for not one but TWO Champion City awards! Fallen Justice has been nominated for Best Indie Limited Series/One-Shot and Red Handed Studios caught a nod for Best Indie Publisher! Woo! Looking at the other folks in the running I can easily say it’s a huge honor to be nominated without a doubt! We’ll be in attendance at the CCC to see who wins and get the newly released Fallen Justice Collected Edition out there and in the hands of the fans who have supported us so heavily since we started the series run last year. This one is an event not to be missed folks! See you there!

Summer is upon us!

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And just like that, Spring is a thing of the past. Is it just me or is this year literally FLYING by? Madness. But that just means it gets us to the fall and our convention appearances all the faster!

As of now Red Handed Studios is planning to attend three very exciting conventions this fall! The first, on September 11, will be the Champion City Con and we’re super excited about that show! It’ll be a smaller venue but crammed full of exciting creators offering a huge variety of great books for sale.

After that, our plans are to jump over to the New York Comic Con in October! Right now that’s still a tentative plan as no one has received confirmations yet, so we’re soft on that date right now. If we don’t make that show we might have a fill in, so stayed tuned for more on that.

And then we’re back home in November for the Wizard World Austin show! This one goes down just minutes from the house, so you know we couldn’t pass it up!

At all these shows we’ll have various members of the RHS crew front and center, signing books, offering prints, sketchbooks, and other items for sale and generally promoting the stuff we’ve got out now and will be coming out with in the near future. If you think you’ve seen all we’ve got to offer you…think again! We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming down the line here in the next 6 months, so hang in there and we’ll release all that as we get the info and dates all firmed up.

The Dynagirl series is on fire these days! We’re growing by leaps and bounds in terms of our readership, getting more viewers and page views every week so it seems like people are enjoying the story we’re putting out there! A more detailed report of our viewership this week revealed we’ve got readers in Japan, Russia, France, Belgium, The UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, and many other countries! That is especially exciting as we go forward to know we’re reaching people not just here at home but half a world away! So thanks, to everyone! And stick with us. We’re going to knock your socks off in the coming weeks.

I have also updated the RHS store today with the latest and greatest links to get your hands on Red Handed books! As of this week all RHS books are exclusively available through the Indyplanet system on demand. That means there’s no waiting whatsoever. You want one issue (or several), you order em up, they print and they go out the door. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Plus, the beautiful part is they never run out of stock!

The Fallen Justice Trade paperback is officially printing as we speak. It should be in hand sometime in the next few weeks so I anticipate that my initial guess of mid-June still holds fairly accurate. Once we get them in hand we’ll have them up for sale in the store, and we’ll of course be carrying those bad boys with us as we make our convention runs, so if all else fails get to one of those shows and get your hands on this monster! The trade weighs in at 208 pages with a full blown wrap around cover designed and produced specially for this edition. Included in the book are all 160 pages of story from the original Fallen Justice series as well as 48 pages of extra material! We’ve got character bios, a huge sketchbook section, behind the scenes info, the works! It’s going to be something special without a doubt. More info on that specifically when it hits the street!

Lastly, we’re incredibly excited to announce the availability of the Fallen Justice series on the newly created Comicsmonkey Distribution system! This system works in conjunction with the Indyplanet and Kablam sites to form a true triple threat aimed at leveling the playing field for independent creators, only this time they’re bringing the brick and mortar comic stores into the mix! How it works is a retailer signs up for an account, orders books, and BAM here they come! It’s that simple! Comicsmonkey has a discount scale comparable to other distributors and is extremely easy to work with, so we’re expecting good things from this move. If your local store isn’t carrying the RHS books direct them to Comicsmonkey and get them in the know!

And that’ll do it for the time being. We’re getting ready to make some truly HUGE changes around here, so hang tight. I think you’re gonna really dig what you see.

Fallen Justice #7 has arrived!

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It is with a bittersweet bag of mixed feelings that we announce the release of Fallen Justice #7, the 7th and final issue of the Fallen Justice series. On the one hand, we’re completely stoked to have this book get out there and into the hands of our fans, but by the same token it’s with a bit of sadness that we find ourselves at the end of the road and moving on with new and different projects. Steven Forbes, the co-writer on Fallen Justice will be out and about, working on his Bullet TIme series as well as MANY other projects. You can keep up with Steve, or at least try, at his blog. Ross too will be leaving us now that the work on this series is done. He has a ton of new work lined up and won’t be a stranger by any means as he makes his way deeper intot he mainstream comics industry and shows off his mad coloring skills. For those of you who want to track his every move, check out his DA account here.

Meanwhile, Harold and I have begun the next step in the journey we started years ago with these characters! That’s right, the Dynagirl series is right around the corner, and the coolest part is, it’s going to FREE as a webcomic! That’s right you’ll be able to check out the story in its entirety right on the internet over at the official Dynagirl Website! We’ll be updating that twice a week bringing you the adventures of our hard hitting no nonsense heroine as she navigates some pretty treacherous waters coming out of her retirement. There will be all manner of challenges as she deals with the past, present, and future trying to make her way in a very different world fromt he one she remembers. She’ll have a brand new team of friends to help her, and there will be some new villains as well as a couple of old ones tossed in there to give her some trouble! We hope you’ll stick with us and follow along as we tell her story! It’ll be fun, I promise!

For a great review of Fallen Justice #7, head on over to Comic Related and check it out! Brant Fowler tosses us some love and Bill Gladman chimes in via the comments to heap even more praise on top. Indy comics is a fairly small community of people and having guys really get what you’re doing like this means a lot.

And don’t think we’re done by any means! We’ve got some great stuff from the Talon team coming down the pike very shortly, and we’re just under a month from the debut of Dynagirl! So keep your eyes glued to Red Handed Studios folks, because we’re just getting warmed up!

Spring Cleaning!

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What a difference just a few weeks makes, eh?

Well if you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed some moving and shaking going on around here! So lets go down the list and get you updated!

First off, Fallen Justice #7 is at the printer as we speak. We’re looking at a late March or early April release on that at this point, depending on how things go with the printer folks. Anyone who has ever printed this time of year knows, it gets a little hectic! But we’ll roll with it and get the book out asap.

Next, Fallen Justice #6 is SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who subscribed and bought the issue! Seeing a sell out like this really gives us a great outlook going forward and we fully understand it’s the fans making it happen! So thanks! For those of you who missed out, don’t even sweat it because you can still get the book printed and shipped right to your door via the Indyplanet system! This makes it far less stressful on us and keeps us from having to hold mega back stock, and still gets you a copy of the book just like you’d get directly from us! So if you’re looking to get Fallen Justice #6, get it here!

Convention season this year may be a little spotty for the RHS crew. With a pending addition to the family we’ve pretty much got to be planning around the projected birthdate, and since that’s currently looking like July…we’re going to be a bit busy this summer! RIght now the tentative plan is for RHS to be hitting the NYCC and Wizard World Texas, with the Texas date far more firm. We’ll make with dates, times, and table locations as we get em.

Also, don’t forget you can still get Fallen Justice 1-3 on the iPhone! Kyle and the guys over at Graphics Lab 2 are hard at work converting the rest of the issues and we’ll keep you apriased as those release this year! The new reader looks wonderful and they’ve done a great job bringing this out. In addition, you might hear mumblings about the iPad. Just saying…

And if that wasn’t enough…Fallen Justice is coming to ComicsXP! This is an online comic service specialising in digital content distribution and they’ll be handling the whole lineup of RHS books as they become available. This is a great system for both creators and for fans and makes getting and reading your digital comics a snap! So check it out! Fallen Justice will be live on the ComicsXP system in the coming week, with issues 1-6 going straight up and issue 7 releasing as it prints.

Whew. That about does it huh? Not likely. Now lets talk Dynagirl! Some of you may have heard we’re shifting the Dynagirl title to a webcomic model. That’s not a rumor, it’s a fact. After printing each issue of Fallen Justice and handling all the shipping that went with it, we’ve decided to streamline things as much as possible. In keeping with that strategy, we’re eliminating the traditional single printed issue model completely. What’s this mean? Once the single issues of Fallen Justice sell out, we won’t be stocking them or even printing them anymore. They’ll remain available through Indyplanet of course, but beyond that we won’t be doing anymore printing of that series in the singles format. We will be printing and maintaining a stock of the tradepaperback, and sellingt hat at conventions, via Haven, and right here in the RHS store. What this move does is free up storage space here at Red Handed central as well as gives us far less to carry around to the various conventions we’ll be hitting.

So, how’s it gonna work? Well first of all we’ll be setting up a dedicated Dynagirl page that you can bookmark, RSS, or whatever so that when we update you know! We’re planning to update twice a week or so, with a projected output of 3 pages a week. Once we get enough pages to print a trade, we’ll do that and offer that for sale in the RHS store. This way, the fans can read the story as it’s produced rather than waiting for months while we collect enough material to begin another printing run. After looking at it from all angles, we feel this is a win for everyone. So keep it tuned here for the official release date and watch out because Dynagirl will knock your socks off!

Check out the Red Handed Forums!

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That’s right folks we’ve landed at a brand new forum home over on the Comic Related Forums! Chuck Moore and the gang were gracious enough to give us space to set up shop and show off all kinds of wonderful stuff to the awesome community over there! It’s a great place to be, so come check it out!

The rumors of my demise…

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are less false than I’d like to admit! Well, not demise really, but I have been working my ass off and that’s kept me from updating here, writing on my blog, or doing anything but the absolute necessary work on my comics. Which sucks, because I really enjoy posting fairly regularly. I’ll try my very best to do better!

So, news wise we’ve had issue #3 hit the streets! That’s right, Fallen Justice #3 is out and available through all the normal outlets, either Indyplanet, Haven, or right here in our very own Red Handed Store! And in keeping with the new release, we’ve also had our newest issue reviewed by Comic Related! Check out Bill Gladman’s review as he continues to show us an incredible amount of love. I will say that he got one thing wrong. We are NOT putting out a book monthly. Fallen Justice is and has always been a bi-monthly book. We couple probably do a monthly…but there would be a lot of give for not a lot of receive. My take on this is, we have a good thing going, so why mess with it? Could I hire an outside inker and speed things up by half? Sure. Could I hire a flatter, and another colorist to speed things even further? Certainly. But it’s not all about speed. To me, it’s about putting the book out on the schedule we promised we’d hit, which we have. And it’s about making this book the highest quality product we possibly can. I think we’ve done that too. So all in all, I’m stoked about this series. We hope you guys are digging it too!

Honestly, there’s a lot more to tell. We’ve got superheroes, supervillains, IPhone apps, new graphic novels, Samurai and all manner of other things to show you in the coming weeks and months so rest assured, there’s going to be some great things coming down the line! Hang in there and we’ll get you up to speed.


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Someone mentioned to me today that we’ve gotten a lot of coverage in various comic circles and that it was beginning to get hard to keep track of! So I figured I’d hook everyone up with a running list of the reviews, interviews, and podcasts talking Red Handed Studios and Fallen Justice!

Comic Related Review of Fallen Justice #1

Comic Related Review of Fallen Justice #2

Project Fanboy Review of Fallen Justice #1

Project Fanboy Review of Fallen Justice #2

Comic Related Podcast featuring Cary Kelley talking Fallen Justice and Red Handed Studios

12 Fingers Interview with Cary Kelley

Jazma Online Review of Fallen Justice 1-5

Jazma Online Interview with Cary Kelley

Jazma Online Interview with Steve Forbes

Jazman Online Interview with Harold Edge

And that’s just the stuff we’ve gotten out so far! there’s gonna be much more where that came from so check back with us and we’ll update as things go live.

Issue #2 in the house!

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That’s right folks! Issue #2 of Fallen Justice has arrived! We got pushed back a little bit by the fine folks at UPS, but they came through and got the books here looking awesome! For all subscribers, your books have been mailed so you should get them here very soon!

Also in the news, we’ve held our very first drawing for subscribers! That’s right as you well know if you’ve looked at the subscription page, subscribers get cool stuff! Since we’re on the second issue we held not one but TWO drawings this time around, and selected our winners at random from the subscriber pool! The lucky winners this time around are Lawrence Roach and Richard Case! Lawrence gets a beautiful looking print of the cover to issue #1 of Fallen Justice, and Rich gets the print from the cover of issue #4. So congrats to you guys, those are in the mail as well and you’ll be enjoying them shortly!

We attended a convention last weekend called Comicpalooza at the West Oaks Mall in Houston and had a WONDERFUL time! A huge thanks to all the folks who came out and talked with us, bought the book, and made the show so much fun! We met lots of cool folks and had a great time. And I will say right now that while the Houston area isn’t the most vocal crowd of comic creators, there sure is a TON of talent around here! I think you’re going to see some things really begin to explode out of this area in the next few years, so keep an eye out!

Normally I’m a big fan of the work my friends do, and tend to shout that to the rafters, so get used to it. First off, since I get inside scoops on this stuff it’s easy for me to get excited! Second, it’s really good stuff! Jason Berek-Lewis is doing a follow up to his Tikki’s Phayrie series called Tikki’s Giant, and the stuff looks amazing! Hit those links and check this stuff out, you won’t be sorry.

Next up, is something I rarely do, and that’s pimp a competitor’s work. But I have to say, after reading both the trades of Atomic Robo plus the FCBD issue for 2009…you have to read this book. It’s funny, irreverent, and really quite topical when you boil it all down. Robo is a must read, so go get that book! It’s done by a company called Red 5 comics, and you can find it in the Haven catalog. So go! Get this book! It rocks!

Ah, even more news! Virginia Mills-Barfield, who previously graciously agreed to take on the Kansas Hit project is also working on something a little different these days! Don’t worry, the Kansas Hit is still rocking, we’re just tweaking up some of the story to give it more punch and deliver some extra pages to you guys, so trust me when I say we’re making it better all the time! Currently, Ginny is rocking something called Ignition! which puts her character Bandit in a team up with our very own Dynagirl and tosses both of them into the deep end of the pool without floaties! So what’s better than a strong female lead character kicking major ass in her own book? How about TWO of them fighting side by side to battle tyranny! Woo! You can’t beat it. The Ignition Graphic Novel will most likely be out later this year and looks to be followed by a sequel if all goes well. These girls are a blast to write and Ginny makes my job crazy easy, so you may well be seeing even more of these team ups!

If you haven’t been checking out the Zone 4 podcasts we’re doing every week over at Comic Related…you should be! We’re having a blast doing them and even though we have to work through the occasional technical issue and random otter, we seem to be getting a good reaction. You can subscribe to the cast through itunes or go over to the Zone 4 page on Comic Related and catch it there. Also, feel free to leave feedback if you want, we’d love to hear from you!

And that’ll do it for the moment folks. More scripts to write, pages to letter, and monsters to slay!

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