Updates and Milestones!

July 17, 2010 · Posted in Updates 

Just like that, issue one of Dynagirl is complete! This coming week will see the beginning of issue #2, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we progress from here. Harold and Lisa have been burning the midnight oil to make sure this thing comes off seamlessly and they’re doing an incredible job!

We’re also reworking things just a bit around here at the RHS site, fixing some annoying little bugs that cropped up (which were TOTALLY my fault! argh!) and getting some of our new comics on the roster as well! We’ve added three new ones and should be following that here shortly with some more as we expand a bit. Before you get too excited, don’t worry, we’re not getting too big for our britches around here, believe me! What we’re doing is getting things lined out to promote a sampler book in the coming months which will showcase some shorter stories we’ve done here and there that never got to see print for one reason or another. What happens after we put out the sampler? There’s no telling. If we get some excellent response and people make some noise about one story or another, we’ll absolutely take a hard look at listening to the fans! More info on this as we get it.

I’ll also take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone out there who has supported us in our work. As we go forward with the various comics and such it means a LOT knowing folks are supporting us and enjoying the work we’re doing. So THANKS!


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