The rumors of my demise…

June 16, 2009 · Posted in Updates · Comment 

are less false than I’d like to admit! Well, not demise really, but I have been working my ass off and that’s kept me from updating here, writing on my blog, or doing anything but the absolute necessary work on my comics. Which sucks, because I really enjoy posting fairly regularly. I’ll try my very best to do better!

So, news wise we’ve had issue #3 hit the streets! That’s right, Fallen Justice #3 is out and available through all the normal outlets, either Indyplanet, Haven, or right here in our very own Red Handed Store! And in keeping with the new release, we’ve also had our newest issue reviewed by Comic Related! Check out Bill Gladman’s review as he continues to show us an incredible amount of love. I will say that he got one thing wrong. We are NOT putting out a book monthly. Fallen Justice is and has always been a bi-monthly book. We couple probably do a monthly…but there would be a lot of give for not a lot of receive. My take on this is, we have a good thing going, so why mess with it? Could I hire an outside inker and speed things up by half? Sure. Could I hire a flatter, and another colorist to speed things even further? Certainly. But it’s not all about speed. To me, it’s about putting the book out on the schedule we promised we’d hit, which we have. And it’s about making this book the highest quality product we possibly can. I think we’ve done that too. So all in all, I’m stoked about this series. We hope you guys are digging it too!

Honestly, there’s a lot more to tell. We’ve got superheroes, supervillains, IPhone apps, new graphic novels, Samurai and all manner of other things to show you in the coming weeks and months so rest assured, there’s going to be some great things coming down the line! Hang in there and we’ll get you up to speed.