Changes Afoot!

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It’s been quiet around these parts folks, that’s a fact, but it’s only the surface that’s been silent. Behind the scenes we’ve been working away, and here shortly we’re going to show you the fruits of that labor! I won’t go into too much detail as of yet, but believe me, we’re doing great things around here, and the changes will be a lot of fun! Stay tuned folks, it won’t be long now!

Red Handed Studios is looking for a new colorist!

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That’s right folks, our current colorist on Dynagirl is moving on after issue 10, so we’re looking for someone to pick up where he leaves off and keep moving forward! The new colorist will start will issue 11 and we hope continue for a long time to come!

But is this a submission thing? Yes and no. We’re having a contest!

After talking it over Harold and I decided we’d try something fun to give back to the fans who’ve supported us so much over the years. So…we’re opening this contest up to anyone, no matter where you live or who you are. Have you ever wanted to color comics? Do you already color comics but need some more work? Think it might be fun to give it a shot? This one is for you! Welcome one and all to the Dynagirl Colorist Search!

The specifics:

This is a paying job, meaning you’ll be paid a page rate for your work. You’ll also be credited for the work you do, in the comics, the trades, or anywhere else your work is used. In exchange you’ll be expected to meet deadlines (trust me, it’s not that bad!) and be a true member of the team. You’ll be included in all the inside info, you’ll get to see scripts and such, so you will definitely be behind the scenes at Dynagirl central!

What we’re looking for:

Someone energetic, easy going, and fun to work with! It will of course help if you can sling color like crazy!

How does it work?

Simple. You click the link below, download it, and go to work. When you’re done, send a download link to the completed piece to this email address. We will respond to each and every entry, as well as post each one right here on the blog so everyone can see and join the fun. The contest officially ends on March 10, and all entries who wish to be included in the contest MUST be submitted no later than midnight on March 10, 2014. The winner will be announced that week. Good luck, have fun, and let’s see what you got!


Dynagirl Coloring Contest Spread

Day of the Dead Reckoning

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Cary comes up with the coolest ideas. When I received an email from him asking me to do a cover for Dead Reckoning with EB wearing the Day of the Dead make up on half her face I immediately hit the drawing board and sent him a sketch. Below is the sketch I sent. Now normally Cary would be writing this update but the man wears a lot of hats and sometimes he needs a little help. So here we are, a new sketch, a new update, a new role for me. Who am I? Glad you asked. Scottie Watson, creator of Talon, co-creator/artist of the very soon to be released Dead Reckoning. As a matter of fact, Dead Reckoning is so close to being released, we’re asking for reviewers to contact us so we can send them a pre-release copy. We’re also asking any store owners to contact us and we will get a pre-release copy out to you as well.

Who doesn’t enjoy the behind the scenes stuff, right? I know I certainly do, so Cary and I thought it would be cool to include a bonus section in Dead Reckoning that would have a lot of my sketches, thumbnails, character designs and some of the original concept art as well as a few pinups from artists such as Mark Kidwell (Creator/writer of the ’68 Zombie Comic by Image Comics). We’re even including the original 10 page online story. You won’t want to miss out on this graphic novel! As soon as we have the actual release date we will post it for you guys. Check back often because we could have a release date set any day now.








YO! Catch this!

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We’ve mentioned a couple of times that one or more of our supporting cast might well be spun off into titles of their own at some point. Well, that point is here people! Soul of a Hero brings you the fan favorite character Hell Yeah from Fallen Justice in his very own title! What’s even cooler is, it’s a web comic! That’s right folks, you can read it for free! Right now the guys are getting things in order and working up an Indiegogo campaign to cover basic costs and they have some seriously cool stuff offered as incentives! Don’t miss out on the chance to help out a great new project, and score cool swag at the same time!

And who knows…if this works out maybe we’ll see other series, like…Dervish!

The 48 graphic novel has arrived!

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That’s right folks, the sci-fi epic graphic novel “48” has finally wrapped after more than 9 years in production! Written by Cary Kelley and beautifully illustrated by Geoff Mosse, 48 is a story about 23 clones who are freed by a freak accident and struggle to survive in a world trying desperately to kill them. The front cover of this 128 page perfect bound book features art by Fallen Justice and Dynagirl artist Harold Edge, and colors by the always mind-blowing SPLASH, and a foreword penned by the Master of Pulp, Ron Fortier!

Currently the book is available direct from our printer at Indyplanet, so to get it click right here! The book will also be available at conventions where Geoff or Cary are in attendance, and if you pick it up there, you can always get it signed as well! Get em while they’re hot folks!

The Dynagirl Kickstarter is LIVE!

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That’s right folks, the time has come! The Dynagirl Kickstarter is finally live and you can back this exciting project right here!

Life, times, and economical realities being what they are we decided to seek some outside investment to give things a boost into the next 12 issues as well as fund the production of the print run on our first graphic novel! This is fun stuff folks, check it out! We’ve got some incredible backer incentives, including original art, original pages from the Dynagirl series, and much much more!

As always, we love our fans and we deeply appreciate your support!

The Penciled Dead is here!

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 They say that good things are always worth the wait, and that’s never been more true than with this stunning limited edition print known around these parts as “The Penciled Dead”. Envisioned and carried out by the incredible talent of Scottie Ray Watson, these prints are extremely limited in number and can only be found right here. Get on over to the Penciled Dead store page and get em while they last!


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Dropping lots of fun today, just not a lot of specifics! 48 is nearing completion! woo! Gotta crack the whip on that slow letterer and we’ll be done! :)

Dead Reckoning: No Other Way, our first stand alone graphic novel starring the deadly and very sexy Ellabeth Parker is nearing a wrap on art, leaving just colors and letters before that’s ready to go!

Our newest book Sinn Fein just got a cover submitted so that book is getting ever closer as well!

And next week marks the completion of our 8th issue of Dynagirl! Pretty good for a bunch of part time creators making superhero comics, eh?

You can find all sorts of info on the site here about these books and more, so please check us out! More updates as I get em!

Back with a Vengeance!

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I’ve heard it said that sometimes you need to step back and take a break to really get your mind right and refocus your energy. I think there’s a lot of merit to that statement, and over the last few months we’ve done just that around here at RHS central. We’ve made a move to a new location that will allow us to get some much needed breathing room, we’ve added some new talent, and said goodbye to some old friends who won’t ever truly be far away. In the midst of all this we took that much needed break and as we emerge from that I think we’re stronger and more focused than ever before on the things that make Red Handed different, and special.

So what have we done with our time? Well, let’s see…Dynagirl continues to steamroll along every week and we’re nearing the end of issue 8 now, with issue 9 to follow directly afterwards. We’re introducing new characters, and new challenges for Dynagirl and her friends, so don’t miss a single update!

Work continues on the new Dead Reckoning graphic novel and seeing some of the pages coming in lately I gotta tell you, it’s gonna be well worth the wait. We’re going to spring some incredible surprises on you and blow your minds with how cool this story is.

Additionally we’ve completed principal art on the 48 graphic novel! It’s in letters right now, and I’ve got the letterer slaving away as we speak so that should be set for a fall release. It’ll have an incredible cover by Fallen Justice and Dynagirl art wizard Harold Edge, and full art interiors by Geoff Mosse. It’s not to be missed folks!

Speaking of Geoff, after a great deal of soul searching and miles of road travelled, his epic historical fiction Sinn Fein has finally landed at Red Handed for a release date yet to be decided. Right now we’re in letters on that as well, and we’re hoping to have it wrapped for a late fall early winter release, in plenty of time for the convention season rush in 2013. This thing is a beautiful work set in the heart of World War 2 America, and it truly captures the spirit and struggle of what it meant to be Irish during those trying times.

Don’t you dare forget Scottie Watson’s Talon! He’s still banging that baby out between gigs on Dead Reckoning and an incredible limited edition print we’ve devised for release late this year, and it won’t be long before you’re rocking some kick ass fantasy swordplay in earnest!

Beyond that, I’ve got lots to tell you, but for now that’ll do for an update. In the coming months I’ll turn you on to some excellent new webcomics done by some of our partners in crime, as well as some behind the scenes action we’ve got to report, including some possibly huge news for Fallen Justice! As most of you know we just wrapped the full series release on the web over at Comic Related, and the buzz is building quickly towards some major news, so stayed tuned for that.

So…go read some comics!

Austin Comic Con is here!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably already heard, but the Austin Comic Con is finally here! This weekend is gonna be AWESOME with tons of guests and comic book pros coming out to meet people, sign autographs and sell their stuff! Red Handed Studios is no exception, because we’ll be right in the middle of the action! Dead Reckoning and Talon artist Scottie Ray Watson will be in the house signing and sketching for the fans alongside yours truly, Cary Kelley. You don’t want to miss this shot at getting both of us together in the same room because it’s going to be crazy! Here for your convenience is a hand dandy show map, giving you our exact location at the show! So come on out and check out the great stuff we have to offer, get a sketch, shoot the bull, and just have a great time! Comic conventions are awesome no matter if they’re your first or your thousandth. Get caught Red Handed this weekend in Austin! (Helpful hint: Click it to make it larger, and then print it so you can take it with you to the show!)

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